Privacy Policy


When you use Oylerz, you trust on sharing your data with us and we are committed to keep it safe. We do not sell your personal data with any third-party or marketing firms. By using our service, you consent to this Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Oylerz, and Oylers is a registered business name of Washington AutoCare CO.


This notice applies to Oylerz, its affiliates and everyone who uses our website, app or any other service. Specifically:

Data collection and uses

Oylerz collects data when users use our website or app. We collect data users visit our website, schedule service, make a financial transaction and individuals interested in working with us. We use industry standard data encryption algorithm and according to applicable laws and government policy.

The following data is collected by or on behalf of Oylerz.

How we use data collected?

The data we collect is used to improve Oylerz platform and its service to customers. Data is used to improve our service standards and for research and development. We will also use this data for marketing and non-marketing purposes and communication via Oylerz. Data is also used for monitoring purposes and will be shared with authorities if law enforcement agencies ask for.

Data collected will never be sold to third party or marketing firms.

We will also use collected data for

Cookies and Third-Party companies

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browsers to identify you and track favorite/popular content for its users. We use cookies to improve our user’s experience and provide targeted service. We also use cookies to analyze site traffic and navigation preference. Cookies are also used to track marketing campaigns and user behavior.

Data sharing and disclosure

Oylerz will share its user data with other users/techs in order to deliver services at your location and to maintain integrity of our platform. Data shared with other user’s or technicians is limited to User’s first name, service address, phone number, ratings, reviews and customer feedback.

We will also share user data under the following circumstances:

We will share data with following parties

Data retention and deletion

Oylerz retain and maintain its user’s data for as long as users maintain their account. User data is deleted if customer chooses to delete their account or stop using Oylerz service. Under some circumstances we may retain user data after user leaves our platform for legal purposes.

Data transparency and Guest users

Oylerz collect users data with clear instruction and disclosure to its users via website, app and emails. Oylerz do not retain guest user data for longer than 18 months if account remains inactive. Guest users have the choice to use our platform without providing some details that may be used to personalize the experience.